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Marital and Relationship Therapy

If you are seeking marital therapy you have probably been experiencing some difficulties in your relationship.  Research findings suggest that the average couple that seeks therapy has been aware that they are struggling  for about 6 years!  Thats a long time to struggle, when help is available.

I approach couple therapy with a few assumptions.  First, most relationships begin with joy, hope, and optimism, which leads to an intense bond.  Second, the problems of this life can make people forget this bond and these early relationship strengths.  Third, I can't help couples restore this bond unless they both want to work, and do the hard things required.  (However, often at the beginning of therapy one partner is more motivated than the other.  This is normal, and sometimes a couple of sessions and a little success is all it takes to get you both ready to do the work).

Marital therapy with me is both educational and experiential.  We will take a look at your relationship and some of the indicators of health and concern.  You will explore what relationships that make it have in common and learn healthy communication techniques..  But, the most powerful part of marriage therapy occurs when you and your partner are guided through the difficult conversations you've been fighting through, or neglecting to have altogether.  This is where validation, softening, empathy, and compassion can occur to bring healing to your relationship.

Family Therapy

As its name suggests, family therapy usually involves multiple members of the family, distinct from the couple relationship.  This usually involves working with the parents and children or adolescents of the family.  I often spend time with alone with the various members and often include structured communication.  Much of my work with children is, in fact, family therapy.  I work on building a solid relationship with the child to develop motivation for working with instead of against the parents, and I help children work through feelings and problems.  I coach parents on effective techniques of behavior management, mostly from the Love and Logic perspective.

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