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If you are of the Christian faith and seek counseling that incorporates and respects your faith, you would feel at home with me.  I enjoy integrating tenets of my faith with sound psychological interventions for those who seek this.  I make an assessment of faith and religion a part of my initial intake so that I can follow your lead as to how comfortable you are with this.  With some of my clients, issues of faith are just "part of the conversation" and with others I incorporate scripture and prayer in session.  Whatever you are comfortable with.

But what if a client is not a Christian and doesn't want that to be a part of the process?

No need to worry.  I will respect your values and will not do anything to make you uncomfortable.  I see many people of all different kinds of faith and work well with them.  For those who don't want faith to be a part of the process, thats fine.  We can still work on the fundamentals of good psychological health.

Curtis Mulder, M.A.  10103 N. Division St., suite 109  Spokane, WA 99218 (509) 467-1156