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Are you feeling down?  Have you noticed yourself being irritable or anxious for reasons you can't fully explain?  You might be like most of my clients - a normally well adjusted, intelligent person, struggling with anxiety or depression. 

Are you struggling with knowing how to navigate a life transition such as divorce, employment difficulties, or geographical move?

These are some (among many) of the issues that can be effectively dealt with in individual therapy.  In individual therapy I help people learn to manage themselves and their emotions in a way that is helpful to them.  I focus on solutions and "telling yourself the truth" so that you can become "unstuck."

An advantage to individual counseling is the safety; the ability to be completely open about your thoughts, feelings, and goals - without having to wonder about what a spouse or family member is thinking while you explore your inner life.

As typical session with me involves talking about the week's events, following up on therapy tasks that were assigned, discussing new business or how to take the next step, and ending with reflection about the session so that any helpful ideas or tasks can be recorded by you.  This last piece ensures that you leave with something tangible to take home and remind you of your process and growth.

Curtis Mulder, M.A.  10103 N. Division St., suite 109  Spokane, WA 99218 (509) 467-1156