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Helping parents is one of my greatest passions and a particularly rewarding part of my work.  When you think about it, how much training in parenting did you actually get for being a parent, besides internalizing the model of your own parents?  Our culture today is full of mixed messages about the role of parents and what sort of expectations are reasonable.  If you are struggling with an out-of-control child or teenager, there is hope. 

I've been working with children for over a decade in a variety of capacities and settings and am a Love and Logic seminar presenter.


Parent coaching is a service I provide either in person or over the phone.  This type of helping relationship is unique from counseling and may or may not be covered by insurance.  As a parent coach, I help parents think through their options and goals then offer suggests of techniques that will help them be back in control of the household.  I'll help you manage your own frustrations and anger so they don't add to the emotional climate of the home.  I provide common sense solutions for natural consequences that will help you raise a responsible adult.  Remember, is still takes 18+ years to raise an adult, so its not too late.

If you are not in Spokane, but interested in coaching over the phone, this can be arranged.


I provide a one day Love and Logic seminar to provide parents with an opportunity to learn the basics of this positive and powerful approach to parenting.  I've found that the one day format works well for busy families who might not otherwise be able to attend weekly classes and allows participants to learn everything in one day.  Interested parents may choose to follow-up with some parent coaching sessions for individualized help and problem solving.  The cost for the seminar is $59 per person, $54 per person if two or more register together.  For dates of the next seminar, call (509) 467-1156.

Curtis Mulder, M.A.  10103 N. Division St., suite 109  Spokane, WA 99218 (509) 467-1156